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Hi, I recently took my car to a mechanic to help me fix a problem with the timing belt and the water pump...

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It turned out however that he was not skilled and knowledgeable enough to do this as he ended up damaging some cylinders in the engine.I had to them take the car to another mechanic who says that it would cost close to $2500 to fix the damaged engine whereas the initial problem cost only about $500. The new mechanic stated that due to the fact that the former mechanic tried and failed repeatedly to fix the timing belt,it led to the damage to the engine and hence the extra cost. Would it be worthwhile taking the mechanic to court for the damages done to the engine? If he didn't know what he was doing,i believe he should have quit ahead of himself rather than continue to try,thereby leading to engine damage.

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In your situation, it would be worthwhile to sue the first mechanic if and only if: #1, your case against him is solid, and #2, you will be able to collect a judgment from him successfully. While I can't say for sure (because I don't have an intimate knowledge of your facts), it would seem by what you've written that you will be able to satisfy requirement #1. Now you have to consider requirement #2, and I can't do this for you from where I sit. Is he an otherwise successful mechanic? Does he have or appear to have assets? Even if you sue him successfully, if you can't ultimately collect from him, you will end up with a useless judgment. You will have to assess both of these factors and then decide whether you wish to proceed in Small Claims Court against him. You will also need the testimony of the second mechanic to prove your case. Good luck!

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