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Hi, I have a ? about child molestation, physical abuse, threats to kill that happened twenty yrs ago...there's more

Vancleave, MS |

My uncle was in prison for murder, got out yrs ago,had his daughter (age 15) live with him @ time. He physically and psychologically abused her & molested/raped repeatedly for months,threatened to kill her if she ever said anything, made her sleep in bed with him. Also this same guy told lies to his niece another cousin that they were not related and had sexual relations with her resulting in a child. he raped another cousin. his daughter filed charges, he was put back in prison for parole violation(had a gun)but the other charges were dropped because he had her boyfriend testify that she had sex with the boyfriend and that it was all lies. I think the charges were done when she was 19 and had had a child at age 17 so not in favor. he is being released next mnth. Is there any way to stop?

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If no other charges are pending, then it is up to MDOC to release him when they want.

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