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Hey soo i had my wisdom teeth pulled 8 weeks ago and the right half of my tongue has been numb since the surgery.

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I talked to my doctor and dentist my dentist told me to go to my doctor and see if they could do anything and my doctor told me to wait 8 weeks and if it's not back by then. then it's not coming back. its been 8 weeks and i was curious if this case would be worth anything and if it is how much?

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That's hard to say. Medical malpractice cases can be very expensive to pursue and typically you need to have a very bad injury to justify the cost. However, a lot of it comes down to how clear it is that the physician did something wrong when he extracted your wisdom teeth. Just because you had a bad outcome does not mean it was medical malpractice. There are certain accepted risks associated with any surgical procedure. It sounds like you suffered some type of nerve damage but how and why that occurred is unclear. You should try to find out why you are having this problem and consult an attorney who specializes in dental malpractice.


If your damages are permanent and significant they may warrant bringing a medical malpractice claim.

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You may very well have a viable dental malpractice claim, however, you need to determine which nerve was damaged and if damage to that nerve was a known risk of the procedure. If it was, then you should have been advised of the risk. If not, then it probably should not have been damaged if proper precautions taken. Fortunately, unlike medical malpractice cases, dentists are usually apt to be more candid about finding that another dentist departed from the standard of care. Consult with a dental malpractice attorney in your area.


I am not licensed to practice in Colorado, but unless the numbness resulted from an untreated infection or something, you're probably out of luck. Also, nerve injuries can take much longer than 16 weeks to heal, so don't write off the chances of improvement after8 more weeks. Good luck.

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Best bet is to Google 'dental malpractice lawyer" to find a lawyer to investigate.

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