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Here we go again in Wisconsin!!!

Fond Du Lac, WI |

Non custodial mother has filed for child support,supervised visits,legal custody, and physical placement. Now, I filed for support last month, she was fired from her job she pays me support and medical support. Very angry!! Has now filed this month for all the above. There is a temporary hearing next week already. She has had him the last two weeks for summer visit, did not take him for 40 days prior to this. She has no stability, no job, lives in a one bedroom trailer 60 miles from his school that he has gone to since he was in first grade. She does this every so often as she has with the other two who are now 20 and 18. Not sure what the deal is yet have not gotten served. Any ideas or suggestions for me. He is ADHD and ODD. Have school very involved as well. Anything????? Thanks

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Lots of things missing in this story. She can't have a temporary hearing without serving you. So, that doesn't sound right. It sounds like you have 50/50 or more placement. The court is going to try to maintain status quo, she will need a reason to change that. To do so, likely she will need something to have gone wrong in your household. You do need to get your hands around what is going on.

I suggest you go down to the clerk of courts and ask to read the file. They will let you do that, and you will then know what she is asking the court to do. You must start there. Then come back and ask questions.



R.S. Missimer, She tried to file ex parte and it was denied. She is only filing cause she has to pay medical/child support as nothing has changed in my home. I do have sole legal custody and primary placment she has visitation. She now is bringing up that the child is grounded for the summer because of his grades that it's abuse since he is not allowed friends, or tv. She also is trying to say I am violating her parental rights since I can't answer my home phone and she has a cell number but won't use it since it' s my wife's. She has brought up all they way to 2002 all the way till now with things I have been warned about or things she says I was warned about and says that I was warned that if I interfered with her parental rights that this would be grounds for transfer of placement. Child has lived with me since he was in 1st grade and is now entering 9th grade and has been in special education this entire time here. This is what she is asking the court for. She is also saying I punched him but she has no supporting documentation or dates for much of anything. She has given court dates and such that have gone on from her through out the years but that is it. She also mentions school principal but I talked with him this am and he said he never mentioned that to her that my child should go back to his mother. Please let me know what you think now! THanks.

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