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Help with domestic assault case?

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I went to court on Wednesday on a domestic assault charge on my dad and I took some sort of plea which was probation until my 18th birthday (Oct. 12th) and 50 hours of community service and the charges would be dismissed on the 12th of October. I REALLY do not want to deal with a probation officer anymore and this is the first charge I have and had a pre-trial probation officer. Is there anything I can do that can get me out of dealing with probation such as more community service hours etc? I really just want to get out of this predicament.

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This is a question that you really should direct to your attorney as your attorney knows all the specific information, Terms, conditions, and agreements that were reached in regards to the plea entered. Good luck with this situation.

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You accepted the plea agreement and are expected to abide by the terms. If you fail to to as you agreed, you will face yet another criminal charge AND risk being adjudicated on the domestic assault. The judge then has the option, and given your unwillingness to abide by probation terms probably will, sentence you to juvenile detention. Is this really the alternative you want? I think not. Deal with the inconvenience for the next few months and it will be behind you.

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The short answer is no. Once you plead guilty, you must do as the court orders, which often means dealing with probation. Best to finish probation and put the matter behind you.


It sounds as if you have buyer's remorse. But think about the long term. Do you want an assault charge following you around for the ret of your life. Stick to it and earn the dismissal.

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