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Help picking a criminal defense attorney

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I am being charged with a felony for charging gas to a house account at a company I no longer am employed by. Apparently the cashier picked my picture from several pictures, they have this person on camera and a employee from the company who has worked there over 15 years with whom I have no communication with was unable to recognize the person either. They said it was a black car however I own a dark blue car. I was asked to come to police station which I did and was told by the officer I did it I seen you on camera etc. i said I didn't ever do that but he kept repeating over again I did it to tell him. Lastly if officer told me he seen me on video why not arrested? Can you lose on heresy? Thx

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The question is not completely clear. It is important to avoid talking to police at all. If that has happened already, then it is important to avoid doing it ever again. During questioning, police often claim to have evidence that they do not in fact have; exaggerate what they think they have; and sometimes outright lie. It is bait. It is best not to take the bait. It is best to say nothing, normally, and simply wait to see the Complaint should one ever be filed. Pre-charge it is important to avoid giving them evidence they do not already have.


Based on the facts you provided there are several significant issues in your case which may affect its outcome (e.g. whether the statement was properly obtained).

That said, a public forum isn't the place to discuss the issues surrounding your current criminal charge for obvious reasons.

I would be happy to discuss your case with you in confidence and provide you with a FREE case consultation.

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Hiring an experienced defense attorney is the best way to protect your rights and safeguard your record. Most attorneys on Avvo and in the community offer free consults. I would be happy to discuss your case with you today too in confidence and free.

Also the main gist of your question focuses on statements that the police are attributing to you. In a trial, this is not considered hearsay, but rather an admission by the defendant. It is admissible and you could be convicted with that evidence presuming there is some other evidence tying you to the incident. That is why it is important to litigate the statements to determine if your rights were violated when your statement was obtained.

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The cop is using a technique on you hoping that you will think they have the good on you. don't talk to the cops again w/out a lawyer. The more statements you give, the more inconsistencies you will have and that is what he is looking for. Your question about losing on hearsay is vague. Presumably, the police would need more than hearsay to convict you.