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Help needed asap

Milwaukee, WI |

I need your advise on what next to do. I entered into the US on F1 visa but due to a sudden incident when i got into the state, I was unable to pay the tuition no more and i couldn't go to the school. I later applied for adjustment of status though marriage but unfortunately, my application was denied because records show i did not go to the school i came to the united state for. USCIS concluded that i committed fraud/misinterpretation in order to obtain a visa to the united state, therefore they regarded me as inadmissible to the state. I was told i may submit application for waiver of Grounds of inadmissibility. my marriage to my wife is real and now we are expecting a baby. What document can i show them so they could waive my ground of inadmissibility. Please your advice is needed.

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Clearly you need to hire a lawyer.

If you are low income go here: or

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More information is needed. You absolutely need to hire an attorney for the misrepresentation waiver, or to help you argue why it was not misrepresentation.

Dhenu Savla, Esq.
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The best advice is to hire a lawyer. You may have been able to avoid the necessity of a waiver if your case had been properly documented from the start.

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Hardship to your spouse may include medical, financial, psychological, it really depends on your personal circumstances. It is very advisable to get a lawyer to do this, it will not suffice to say "I"m so sorry about my fraud I will never do it again".

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