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Help divorce decree not being followed concerning my childs medical insurance and medical bills

Greenville, AL |

in my final divorce decree it states that the father is to maintain heath insurance on the child and to pay half of all copay and medical expenses. This was being carried out for a period of almost a year until he was laid off at his job. Then the child was dropped from his insurance which was taken over by the childs stepfather to insure the child had insurance. The paternal father has since then got a job but does not have the child on insurance and has also received bills to pay on the childs medical accounts. Of his half the paternal father owes more that 380.00 in his half of medical bills which has not been paid. Leaving me with attorney notices of non payment. how do i go about getting the money he owes?

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I hate that you are going through this. If your child's father is not doing what was ordered, you can file in a Motion for Contempt under your original case number and the Judge will set a hearing so that he can enforce the order. There are also additional things such as sanctions against him for non-compliance that can be enforced by the Judge as well as additional judgments that can allow garnishment of wages.

If you need assistance in filing contempt against him for non-payment, please feel free to contact me. I would love to help.

Jennifer Rose
The Rose Law Firm, LLC

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