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HELP ASAP!!! I need expert help about my disabled child

Denver, CO |

What does the Colorado law say about where my disabled child must go to school or if I can home school him & is there a website for this?
My son was inappropriately being touched by another student & we reported it & an investigator is now involved.
My son had a stroke in utero, developed uncontrolled epilepsy & had the left side of his brain removed. He's partially paralyzed on his right side & needs constant instruction & assistance. I would like to take him out of the high school he's currently in but heard I can't because he needs to stay in his district.
Because of the situation & my son not wanting to go back to that school again, is there a law that supports & justifies him being moved to another school? What ?'s should I be asking the school staff when I meet with them? Thank you.

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The Legal Center for People with Disabilities located on Sherman Street in downtown Denver is who you should be contacting. They are the foremost authority on dealing with children with disabilities and enforcing the Education for All Handicapped Children Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. That is what they do all day, every day. And they represent clients at no charge, because they are funded by grants from the federal and state governments. You should contact them ASAP.