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Help, 18 years old citation for petty theft need advice for court hearing

Pacifica, CA |

So me and my friends went to Kohls, and we took a few items and left the store.
I wasn't intending to take anything, but I was a bit envious of my other friends.
I don't come from a very financially stable household. It's just me, and my mom struggling
to pay the bills every month. All of my clothes are in tatters, my shoes, my shirts, my pants. Anyways I did buy something in the process out of sheer guilt. Me and my other friend ended getting caught 10 minutes later outside the store, cuffed, while the third ended up booking it. Now I have a citation for petty theft, and I have to pay 88$ to the store. What can I expect during the court hearing? I already admitted I'm guilty. What can I do to make the consequences a lot better? This is my first offense. Is there anything else I should do

Will this affect the scholarships I have? I'm a full time student studying at a University, Will my job be notified about this? I'm really scared.

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First you need to speak to an attorney in your area and determine what you can do to defend your case. Do not plead guilty at your court date until you have spoken to one for more than 5 minutes. The civil demand letter you received is separate from tbe criminal case and not paying will be unlikely to result in consequences. These charges add up over time with the fourth being able to be charged as a felony and they can hurt your employment prospects. Good luck.


You should speak with an attorney. If you qualify for a public defender, you can ask the court that one be appointed for you. Make sure not to miss your courtdate. There are various things your attorney may be able to do for you, so make sure you go over your case with at least one attorney.

You need to go over the details of your scholarships to see if having a misdemeanor conviction can affect it. If so, discuss this consequence with your attorney. The court does not actively seek out employers to let them know their employee has an arrest or conviction, but it may show up if your employer decides to run a background check.

The fact that I have answered this question does not establish an attorney client relationship between the questioner and my self or my office. For a FREE consultation, contact me at (626) 600-1439.


As you are 18, the odds are you qualify for a PD. Take advantage of it. If you had a broken arm you would see a doctor. Get a lawyer.

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