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Help.. what is a no negative contact order?

San Bernardino, CA |

Going through a divorce. The children's father continuously texts and calls them with constant negative and inappropriate "stories" about me. Now I have to let him have visits..What is a no negative contact order? Can I get one that will demand he stop talking negatively about me to our young daughters.

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I would need to see the context to be certain, but it appears the court is putting an order in place that makes it a violation to do just what you are describing. The negative "stories" about you constitutes (in my opinion) emotional abuse of the children, because they see themselves as half Mom.


A no-negative contact order is not the same as a restraining order. A restraining order would require that your husband stay 100 yards away from you and have no contact with you. A no-negative contact order is much more limited, in that it simply means that you and your husband are not to have any negative contact with each other, i.e. no verbal or physical abuse or harassment, etc.



the problem is not between us .. we dont even speak or see each other.. He is saying the negative remarks to the kids and publicly on social media. would the no-negative contact order stop that... most importantly to the kids?


What you are dealing with here is what lawyer/ therapist Bill Eddy calls an HCP. (High Conflict Personality.) The courts can't change these people. The links below have tools you can use, as you are stuck with this for the duration.

Good luck!!

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Negative comments by one parent about the other parent to the children are wrong and courts will order that it stop. If the other parent disobeys the order to stop the negative comments it may support a modification of that parent's custody.


Definitely, but you and the Judge may disagree as to whether the contacts are negative ones.


Play nice.

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