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Hello what does this mean? charge disposition changes

Providence, RI |

When I look at my record its states that my case had a 48a dismissal filed and case disposed and then a month later its says charge disposition changes? Is this a good thing or what does this mean? I'm trying to get apartment and the landlord said I fail the background check, but I got a job with staples and my background pass, so what is going on?
Is there some kind document I can gave to the landlord?

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If you received a dismissal under Rule 48(a), and that's the only thing on your record, you should move to get the case sealed. That way, you can get even the arrest record expunged from your BCI and you should "pass" any background check. If you want to give your landlord a copy of your BCI with the 48(a) on it, that will show that the case was dismissed, but if you want to get the charge off your record, then you should move for expungement. Feel free to give me a call at (401) 274-2423 to discuss your case.


On occasion the disposition of a case may change. This can mean a number of things. A 48a dismissal is a good thing. Basically it means that your case was dismissed. That said, the 48a will not automatically be removed from your criminal record and therefore it will show up on your BCI. If you did receive a 48a dismissal I would recommend that you expunge it from your record. This requires a minimal amount of paperwork and possibly a court appearance along with court and filing fees. If you have any other questions I would be happy to help. Our toll free number is 800-241-0272.