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Hello my question is i came into united states 6 years ago with asylum from my dad.. and i have a green card 2 years ago ..

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i wanna bring my mom but she decline all the asylum privileges.. 6 years ago also.. how can i bring my mom in to unites states? do i have to wait 3 more years to become citizen? or can i apply with something different like a visa? visitor visa? an also she has a daughter 11 years old but she's from a different nationality how can i bring her?

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You will have to become a US Citizen first. A US Citizen age 21 and older may petition for mom and dad. You will not be able to help your mom's daughter quite so easily. The 11-year old daughter might qualify as your sibling. Once you become a US Citizen, you may petition for her, but she would have a very long (10 years or more) wait. Better for your mom to get a green card and then she can file for her daughter.

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You will need to first become a US citizen and be over 21 years of age before you can apply for your mom's green card. Your sister's nationality does not matter, but it's a whole different category under which you will be applying for her. The siblings category currently waits around 10 years before finally having an immigrant visa available.

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You must be a US citizen and at least 21 years old to file for your mother's green card. Same for your sister - you must be a US citizen and 21 to apply for her. A visitor visa is possible but will be denied unless she can prove she will return to her country when the visit is over. She must prove sufficient ties to her country. With you in the United States that will be difficult.

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and after my mom gets her green card how long we have to wait in till her daughter get hers?