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Hello my name is Firas. I Apply To truck driving school and signed a contract with them for 6 months.

Dallas, TX |

I got a driver's license, but the terminate me from this school because I did not succeed in the exam 2, now the are need from me $ 2995. I do not have this money ,and nobody accept hiring me because i got terminated , so please i need help. I have more information about this issue

A friend of mine (his name is "Frias"), enrolled with one famous trucking company to get CDL driver license. And they let him sign contract that they never gave him a copy though he made numerous requests. After he passed the first test, he did not pass the 2nd test, according to thier ads they are not suppose to charge any of their new student if they failed but they charge them if teh student refuse to work or quit. Last week he received the only letter from a finical institute as last and final notice to pay $2995?! Since he is not very fluent in writing in English I wrote you this email. We firmly believe that he has not been treated fairly, and there was a lot of discrimination against him while he was working there, they made his life miserable, he did complaint but the company failed to protect him nor provide healthy work environment . Since he is on limited budget, we would like to know how much will cost and what is his chance to win this case please??

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You need to consult with an attorney in your state. Many attorneys offer a free initial consultation.


I added some tags to your post to see if some civil attorneys will see it, and have some answers for you. It was originally tagged for DUI, which is searched by Criminal Defense Attorneys.