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Hello, my home is in active foreclosure without a sale date. Can I try to sell it myself, before they give me a sale date?

Bethlehem, PA |

We have been trying to work with Wells Fargo for many months now and all we get is that our case is under review. We have not been denied and no sale date has been set. At this point we are extremely frustrated and are looking to possibly move on. We were wondering if the house can be listed while in active foreclosure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Currently, we do not owe more than what we can sell the house for.

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While I don't practice in your state, here is my take on your question.

Of course you can list and sell your house while it is in an active foreclosure. However, if buyers get wind of it, that may kill the value of the selling price.

My suggestion is you sell it as quickly as you can and move on, especially if you owe less than the value of the house itself.

Good luck and move on it quickly.