Skip to main content family has experienced two unplanned son's gf, and my daughter, while on depo.

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My son is 20 in college, his gf is 18, still in high school. This pregnancy has caused undo stress and financial burdens.
A year and a half ago my daughter became pregnant on depo. This, unplanned pregnancy again caused stress and financial burdens.
What are the odds that this same shot can affect one family in such a profound way? Do we have a chance for a lawsuit even for stress and compensation?

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Not all drugs work for everyone and there are generally disclaimers stating such. That being said, if repo doesn't work for your family, trying something else. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to sue the drug manufacturer for the stress and financial burden of the pregnancies.

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Hello, this is not my area of law but I edited the practice area to include some related fields to help get you to the people most qualified.

Good luck!

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In legal terms, depo is considered deposition. Damages for stress an compensation are a rarew and unlikley request. I politley request family planning or buying condoms. Good luck and
God bless.

Martha Ann Knutson

Martha Ann Knutson


I believe "depo" in this case is a shortened version of "Depo-Provera" , an oral contraceptive manufactured by Pfizer.


What do you mean by depo? it is an obvious abreviaton. No birth control is 100% they took chances and lost, but at least you are grandparents now. I am still waiting for my first grandchild.

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Some of the questions lack much detail that would be fleshed out in an extensive office interview and this must be pointed out. Further some of the questions reveal a bias on the questioner's behalf. People and Judges (a few) would benefit from thinking what this looks like from the other side (the opposition) and the Judge's view before firing bullets which may cause self-inflicted wounds such as a irritating the judge or looking foolish. Self-inflicted wounds are the worst and most embarrassing!

Why are attorneys afraid to advertise their hourly rates? Which attorneys can do in 4 hours what I accomplish in 1 hour? Prospective clients might ask that as well. And always leave an attorney's office who promises or guarantees anything as they are either stupid or lying or both. Often times at trial partys and witnesses change or add or forget testimony or there may even be new parties added. Going to trial is like throwing dice, 7 is most often, but there are other combinations and an experienced attorney can only give an educated guess!

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you have no cause of action for these unplanned pregnancies unles the medicine caused birth defects

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