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Hello I would like to know if there is a method to know what's on your background (general?). I guess what I am referring is

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what the employment companies usually look into to clear a background. I do not know whom they contact about this. Also, there was a T.R.O. against me, but that was dismissed in court where the judge did not even go into it for not believing the opposing side right away. I want to make sure that even the T.R.O. was cleared out of my record. So is there a comprehensive background check I could order on myself? What do the comprehensive background checks include? My intent is to make sure that my background (whether court/police, financial and employment) is clear and in a good standing. Thanks.

P.S. I am also interested to get the list of all the employers I've worked for over the years for numerous reasons. I know some employers can order those employment based background checks, so how can I go about this myself? Do such check also show if the employer left, gave a notice or as terminated or not? Sometimes I leave out the mediocre jobs I've done during college years, so does this mean that they do come up for the potential employer even if i do not mention them on my resume?

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There are various on-line services which will run a background check on you for a fee.

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Depending on the kind of job you are applying for, a prospective employer in California may generally look at your employment history, your training and educational history, your driving record, your criminal conviction history, your medical ability to perform the essential functions of the job, and your credit history. There are limitations under federal and state law on when, how, and to what extent this information can be obtained and used by the prospective employer. There are also certain notice requirements the prospective employer must comply with.

If you are concerned about what is being said about you by former employers, you might consider hiring a private investigator to do a reference check for you. There are other companies that offer this service as well.

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There are companies that conduct background checks. You can likely utilize their services to answer most of your questions as to what would come up as a result of a background check done by a prospective employer.

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