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Hello. I was released from immigration detention 2 weeks ago. My case is pending, can i get some immigration help please? thank

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I haven't received any mail yet , so i called 1800 898 7180 . My case is pending and no court date yet . While in jail , judge denied my 10 year cancellation of removal , becouse I'm not married . I came to US in May 1997 on B - 2 visa . I'm selfemployed , so i don't ''need'' green card for mi boss . I have SSN ( number only , lost the card ) and ICE gave me A # number . My ambassy will give me new passport in about 6 weeks . I'm from Czech Republic and for last few years we have ''Visa Waver'' with USA . What forms i have to send , or what i have to do to obtain Drivers licence ? Do i need to apply for visa , or repleace I - 94 ? DMV need Passport with INS verification and I - 94 , or I - 551 . Is it possible to get letter from court , that proves , that my case is pending ? Can I - 765 help ? Thank you very much for help

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It appears you are not eligible for any relief from removal. If you have a pending cancellation and your case was administratively closed you may be able to file for a work permit based on it. Speak with an attorney in person and show him all of your papers.

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.


You need to consult with an immigration attorney as soon as possible. Did you reserve your right to appeal the decision of the immigration judge? It appears that the "Visa Waiver" program will not help you at this time. It also appears that at this time you do not have any lawful status in the United States. You might or might not be eligible for some sort of relief from removal (deportation), but you will need to meet with an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible to explore the possibilities.

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Immigration defense is a complicated question. You need to have an attorney helping you. If you can't afford one, try to find a free one. Depending on where you are at, try to contract local bar association, maybe Immigration Defense Project hotline and see if they can recommend pro-bono attorneys. Otherwise, you need to hire a lawyer.

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You are either confusing legal terms or don't understand exactly what is going on with your immigration case. I, and many other immigration lawyers, would be happy to offer you advice, but you need to schedule a consultation so your papers, history and current situation can be reviewed.


You can get such a letter from the court. You need to speak to an immigration attorney.

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