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Hello. I recently was involved with a O.U.I. and apparent injury (not major) to another person. How can I best avoid jail time?

Milwaukee, WI |

This is my first offense ever, first run in with police ever, and I am just wondering with this being my first offense if there is anyway to lessen the punishment/chance of going to jail. Can i opt for house arrest so I can continue to work/go to school?

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I'm not licensed in Wisconsin, but most states have mandatory jail time and / or fines for anyone convicted of driving under the influence. Contact a crimimal defense attorney in your area that handles driving under the influence cases. That's the best way to get answers for your specific questions.

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While a "simple" OWI first in Wisconsin is a civil matter that does not expose you to criminal liability, OWI causing bodily harm with no prior OWI convictions exposes you to potentially 30 days to a year in jail. If found guilty in Milwaukee "house arrest" is unlikely to be an option, although work release is possible. You should consult with an attorney as soon as possible regarding this matter because of the possible jail time and because of the serious long-term consequences of an OWI conviction.


Mr. Roberts is right, you need a lawyer, right away. You can't "opt" for anything in the criminal justice system. Hopefully, you will be charged with simple OUI, which is far less serious. Call a lawyer first thing tomorrow.

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