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Hello, i never lived in the us,can i claim us citizenship if my father was naturalized citizen before i was 18?

Scranton, PA |

hello i'm italian my father got is citizenship in 1963/64 and my sister too, i was born in 1952, at the date of my birth my grandfather and my grandmother were already us citizen. Me and my mother (she passed away)we never lived there, can i and my family claim us citizenship?
thank u
P:S sorry for my english..

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No. You were born after your father naturalized, so this is not possible. However, if still alive, your father or sister may choose to petition you for lawful permanent resident status.

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i was born before he naturalized and under 18, thanks.


Ciao paisano,

Maybe, just maybe, you might be a US Citizen. But, probably not.

We would need to check the law and go over your facts in more detail ... such as where were you when he naturalized? Did he have sole custody of you when he naturalized? etc.

Non che problema with your Engish. I understood completely.

Ciao for now, Franco

Franco Capriotti - Senior Legal Counsel - Capriotti International Law
Former Immigration Law Professor - Lewis & Clark Law School
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ciao, i was in italy and under the age of 18 when my father got his citizenship.i was under joint custody. i also got an immigration visa to live there , but that was in 1963..long time ago..

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


It does not look good. Most likely the other attorneys are correct, your only option may be for him to sponsor you. --- 503-221-1600 extension 1#



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