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Hello, i got a visitor visa B2 3 times .No any violations .But 4nd application was denied under 214(b).How to overcome ?

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i need to visit my daughter ( she got a EB2 green card after graduating with highest honors the US University masters program) I read everything about strong ties on the web and I really have a home , a car a bank account , my own individual enterprise, old disabled mother and one more child in my country, Georgia. though I am not sure if these all help How can you help me? Even the prisoners have the right to see their family members once in a month. I will greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.

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Sorry to hear of the denial. You are correct that a 214b denial deals with presumptions of immigrant vs nonimmigrant intent, and that ties to your own country such as the ones you mention are - or should be - important.

There may be other factors here that make the consulate question your intent - perhaps you were recently here for a long time, and haven't in their view been back in Georgia long enough yet. It may, of course, just be because that consulate is notoriously difficult on B-1/B-2 visitor visas. You should speak with a lawyer directly to evaluate if there is anything specific to your case which might have caused the problem.

Ironically, some of the very reasons for your trip may be a part of the problem: having a daughter here with a green card and bright prospects may be viewed as a reason you might intend to remain here (as opposed to having a daughter here on a temporary student visa).

The only way to approach this with any hope of success is to apply again, with more evidence. We don't know what you submitted to prove all of the things you mention, but more detailed evidence may be the only thing that might help.

Speak with a lawyer - and good luck!

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