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Hello, I need to find a way to eliminate a predatory loan.

Hackensack, NJ |

I took out a loan for approx. $2600 at a rate of 139% out of desperation originally with Western Sky which then sold my loan to Cash Call which has been charged or sued by the CA attorney general's office for predatory loans and their subsequent practices. This loan is killing me (paying $294 per month which I can ill afford). I need to find out how to get rid of this loan and if the interest rate they are charging is illegal (loan sharking/usury). I can provide the loan documents if requested. For details about the CA Atty Gen's case you can review the info on their web site - they have the complaint and final judgment on their site.

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You need to contact an attorney to handle this; this forum is intended for more general questions/answers.

I'd think you'd want to act quickly.

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Whenever you accept a loan for which the lender expects repayment, you must carefully review the loan terms before you execute the paperwork. Don't let any promise to cure your short term need for cash turn into a longer term bigger problem.

I don't know if usury laws protect you against your original lender. I am not entirely confident that Western Sky is subject to any State or federal jurisdiction. Perhaps a case can be made that soliciting borrowers in NJ should subject your lender to NJ's usury laws (as well as to other banking and loan regulations.) Depending on the seriousness of your situation you may want to consider bankruptcy. At this point I strongly recommend you bring all your paperwork to an attorney for review.

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