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Hello : can i travel outside USA after i get the conditional green card ?

Petaluma, CA |

if yes for how long maximum i can travel without any problem ?
because i have to travel to take care of some business
and does my travel gonna effect me when i will change my green card into non-conditional ?

thank you

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You can travel for less than 6 months without problems, especially if for a valid business reason which you can prove if need be.

The "problems" would start after any absences of 6 months or more. For any absence of one year or more, I recommend you apply for a Reentry Permit on Form I-131.

Any extended periods of travel might make obtaining the removal of your conditional status problematic, unless logically explained and justified. Also, any absences out of the country will be counted against your residency and physical presence for naturalization purposes.

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Thank you .... I really appreciate it

Giacomo Jacques Behar

Giacomo Jacques Behar


My pleasure. Please don't forget to designate a "Best Answer.


You can travel so long as you do not exceed 6 months. If you plan to go for longer than that you should apply for a reentry permit before you leave.

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Yes you can travel outside the country. Normally travel up to 6 months is not a problem. From 6 months to a year they can start asking questions. If you travel over a year there is is a rebuttable presumption that you abandoned your residence, get a travel permit before you travel.

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