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Hello, My sister was recently injured in an accident involving a bicycle which she was riding and a car.

Sunnyvale, CA |

The driver of the car was determined to be at fault for the incident.

Though the accident occurred in another state, she is currently in California receiving treatment for her injuries. They would like to consult with a local California lawyer for a few hours about how to deal with both insurance companies, and any other related questions.

I was wondering if it is possible to do the above in California even though the accident happened in another state. This is just regarding dealing with the insurance companies but not the potential lawsuit.

Thank you,


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you can consult with a California attorney but the advice you get may or may not be 100% accurate in the that laws of whatever state the accident occurred in may differ from ours. Furthermore, just a simple consult without retaining an attorney isn't going to lead to much information because we can't consult a non-client on how to proceed for fear of malpractice suits. As such, if your sister is considering legal advice I suggest she retain an attorney in the state it occurred.


Your sister may want to consider consulting an attorney in the state where the accident happend as a lot of the applicable law will be the law of that state.

Good luck.

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Your case can certainly be handled in California. Whatever you do, before anyone does anything you need to consult with legal counsel and do not directly contact the insurance companies. They will attempt to take your taped statements and they are highly trained experts. What they are trained to do is pay very little or nothing on claims. You should be carefully insulated from all those efforts on the part of the insurance reps.

I hope this is helpful.

John N. Kitta

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Sounds like a serious injury, you may want to consider retaining a California attorney. Even though the injury occurred outside the state of California, a CA attorney can help you and associate counsel in the state of the accident, if necessary.

Timothy K. Hobbs II
Attorney at Law
Web: Hobbs Law Group

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While you are free to consult with California counsel, an attorney from the state where she was injured is your best bet since they have the most knowledge on what the local laws/ordinances are.

Good luck.

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Although, under state law, the action can be filed in the state in which the injury occurred, there is also a possibility that the case will be in federal court. Some injury cases have concurrent jurisdictions. If your sister's injuries are valued at over $75,000 and if your sister lives in a state in which none of the defendants reside (which is known as diversity), then the jurisdiction of the case is concurrently the state in which the injury occurred as well as the federal jurisdiction. If a state court action is filed by your sister and the defendants wants it to be heard in federal court (and the diversity elements above are satisfied), then it can be removed the federal jurisdiction despite your sister's desires. In either case, it does not matter if the action is handled by local counsel or California attorney. The attorney who will represent your sister will have to be licensed to practice in the federal court and needs to know both federal civil procedure as well as the local substantive law.

There can be advantages as well as disadvantages to your sister's case being heard in federal court versus state court depending on the circumstances of your sisters case and the state in which the accident occurred. You need to consider the procedural advantages and disadvantages of the federal jurisdiction versus the state jurisdiction.

If you want to discuss, then please you feel free to give us a call.

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Yes, an attorney in California can handle the case, at least from the insurance claims process. When a lawsuit is filed, it may get a bit complicated. If the case needs to be filed out of California, usually an attorney can associate with another attorney in that state and seek partial admittance to that states Bar, for the limited a limited purpose.
Also bicycle accident take on a character different then other types of auto accident cases. I am an avid bicyle rider and familiar with the standards of care issues relating in cycling and interaction with vehicles. Sometimes the vehicle codes are vague in their application of cyclists. I would be happy to consutl with your Sister.
Derryl Halpern
818 78505999

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