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Hello, looking for an attorney who practices legal malpractice w/family law matters in oregon.

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i have many grounds for a mal case, i've been told as such by several in the legal arena. i've suffered & continue to suffer great financial loss & physical injury as a result of negligence, dishonesty, misrepresenting my case, undue influence, discrimination, allowing statutes to run w/some awards in decree, failing to file motions to protect me from "x"'s behavior & deliberate attempts to cause me& the court problems, some judge had already ruled on. the effects of it all have been catastrophic, have left me devastated & it all could've been prevented. i keep finding out new issues. i've lost faith in the system. my prob is finding an attorney willing to go against prior attorney who's well known, wants to fight for justice & doesn't care my "X" makes millions. any advice?

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Physical injury? Really? At that point, you're not talking about professional malpractice, you're talking about personal injury, or assault as a tort...

You can call the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service for a free referral to an attorney in your area, at 503-684-3763. Ask for someone who specializes in malpractice in domestic relations. That's a fairly narrow field.

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hi, thanks so much for the response. yes, you have no idea how bad things have been, the things i've been dealing with as a result. from the beginning we used a reference judge to bypass the courthouse. to add to what i stated above there was an appeal involved. after decree was finalized my attny brought up appealing, i wish he never had. in decree judge basically sided w/me because i had such extensive evidence to back up my case/testimony, but he didn't exactly award that way. i got a good result, but the award didn't really match his findings, wasn't fair. however, i wasnt left in some horrible position either. i'd met my goal which was to be able to take care of myself, my dogs who are my kids, take care of medical, pay bills, keep my house & have a little to save for future. i was satisfied. i just wanted to move on in peace so i could look to the future. not knowing anything about it or that divorces could be appealed i told him that if it meant going through everything over again or me having to deal w/my "x" anymore then no thanks. he told me no & explained the process. i asked all of the what if's & worst case scenario ?'s i could. i was tired & just wanted to move on w/my life. attny kept asking me about it, i kept saying i don't know. i knew in my heart i didn't want to. i felt a bit pressured & should've just said that i didn't have it in me or want to. after weeks of being asked over & over, all of the reassurances he gave, thinking certain things couldn't be taken from me, nothing bad could happen, that my attny a well known, seasoned attny who i just spent almost 2yrs with, who knew what i'd been through, what my life would entail w/disability & who i payed a ton of $$ to & trusted. i didn't think i'd be given bad advice back then. i didn't know what i do now. there were negligences & dishonesties that happened in divorce process that had consequences in decree & appeal. i kept saying "i don't know" when attny asked about appeal. well it got to the point that weeks passed & a decision had to be made. i knew in my heart i didn't want to & shouldn't have been afraid to just say so. then my attny tells me that my "x" is filing an appeal so i don't have a choice. i asked if he was sure i had to file, he says yes. so we go through process. at this point in time there weren't many problems or if there were i didn't know about them yet. i trusted him, that he knew what he was doing. after it was submitted i honestly didn't give it much thought because i truly believed my "x" filed, i responded, i had an excellent chance of prevailing & certain things couldn't be taken from me. i waited 2 yrs for the answer & i got hosed. then not to long after i get another shock, i found out that my "x" did not file 1st, i did. i couldn't believe it. attny tried to tell me that "x" filed 1st & when i called him out on it attny tried to backtrack by saying, well he was going to file & you wouldn't have had a choice. i told him a story about how my "x" laid into me after he found out about the appeal. i was told that the courts made several big mistakes & tried getting the courts to re-hear my case w/help of appellate attny. got denied. there were many problems by this time that went unaddressed, that left me unprotected & in horrible positions. i tried incessantly to get them addressed, to protect myself. i couldn't believe i was still having to pay an attorney for things that should've been dealt with & over. my "x" was doing many things w/intention of causing me problems, things he'd been warned to do or stop doing. my attny didn't follow through w/various things to get resolution for me like enforcing our decree, the orders in it, judgements i was awarded & failed to protect me from harm, loss, or put a stop to my "x"s actions. i called my attny constantly about all of this for 2-3yrs post decree. next thing i know my "x" filed a false contempt motion against me for something that he did. he lied further making things sound even worse. my attny not o


I'm very sorry to hear about this. You can use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool to find the perfect attorney. Good luck.

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Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin


Well, for a good attorney anyway. A perfect attorney might be too much to hope for. =P


If this malpractice issue involved a divorce action or custody action, I suggest you FIRST talk with an experienced FAMILY LAW attorney to evaluate your prior attorney's actions. Call me: 530-650-9662, Diane

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