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Hearing for a Temporary Injunction?

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I'm really confused. I was served to appear at a hearing with the family courts for a temp. injunction. This is for a case involving a child. The Father and I were never married and at first I thought this was a hearing for temporary custody but when I look up "Temporary Injunction" online the only thing it seems to bring up is a temporary restraining order and also information about people going through a divorce filing this to keep a freeze on assets and what not.
How does this apply to a child custody case? The Father is representing himself... did he make a boo boo?

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The papers you were served with should say exactly what the purpose of the hearing is. It could be something as simple as injunctions against bad-mouthing each other during the pendancy of the matter, not taking the child out of state during the pendancy of the matter, or something has horrific as denying you any access at all to the child for a period of time.

You should immediately take your papers to a consultation with a local family law attorney who can read them for you and give you advice carefully tailored to your specific facts and circumstances.


The best advice I can give you is come see me for a free consultation or find another family lawyer in the area and have him review the paperwork. If is was done pro se (representing himself) there is no way of even guessing what the papers actually stand for.

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