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Health insurance during divorce

Chicago, IL |

Do I have to keep my husband on my health insurance? He is no longer paying any of my expenses so I do not feel like I should have to continue to pay for his health insurance out of my paycheck.

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Yes keep him on. If he were to fall ill before the divorce is finalized without health insurance the debt from medical treatment could be a marital debt. Rather than cancel insurance I would suggest that you contact your attorney to file a motion for temporary support and ask the Court to order him to pay certain expenses for you and/or his portion of the health insurance.

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As stated, it is most likely in your best interest to keep them on your health insurance. Downstate, judges get extremely upset when you unilaterally remove someone from health insurance.
Although it is expensive, it is not nearly as expensive as being responsible for big medical bills. You should talk to your lawyer about this.
If you don't have a lawyer – get one.

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Agreed. Keep him on the insurance and seek relief from the court regarding financial support and the other expenses.

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Best bet is to keep him on, and speak to your divorce lawyer about it.


You have to maintain the status quo and keep him on, unless you can get a court order that states otherwise.