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Health insurance coverage being terminated because I'm turning 23, can I fight this with the ACA?

Washington, NJ |

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance through my fathers former job (he's retired.) I have received a letter that my coverage will be terminated once I turn 23 unless I can prove that I am a full time student, disabled, or on medically necessary leave as defined by Michelle's Law. I'm not a student, due to financial situation. I do, however, have a very rare condition (2 in a million) where Desmoid tumor regrows in my abdomen. It is not called cancer, per se, but they do categorize it and treat it as cancer. Recent CT scan has shown that my tumor is back and I might require radiation or chemo this time. I can not afford to lose my insurance. Is there a way I could fight the insurance to allow me to stay on the plan? Would reoccurring Desmoid tumor qualify me for disability?

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Unfortunately, retiree plans, such as your father's plan, are not included in the ACA-under-age-26 requirement.

On a brighter note, health insurers will NOT be able to deny you based on a pre-existing condition if you shop for health insurance elsewhere. Also, if you cannot afford health insurance, you may qualify for financial help through Medicaid. Reach out the the NJ Dept of Human Services to see what your options are:

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