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Health insurance after divorce

Irving, TX |

i was covered by my husband health insurance as a dependent. We divorced but I dont know why he has not report to his company that we are divorced, I guess I am still on his insurance. I stopped using his insurance after divorce and bought my new health insurance from another company. if he will not remove me from his insurance what will happen? is it crime against me or is it his fault? should he pay less if he remove my name?

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Based on this information you are not doing anything wrong and you have no duty to do anything.


I think the bigger issue is which company would pay. As far as your husband failing to notify, it could be that he is waiting until the next enrollment period. This may be a better question for your new insurance company. I think they used to send a notice to the old insurer cancelling the old insurance, but I'm not sure whether this still occurs.

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You have no duty to his insurer or his employer. It is perfectly legal to have multiple health insurance plans covering the same person. It may not do any good but it also isn't harmful to you. After the divorce your ex-husband could have removed you from coverage but that's between him, his insurer and his employer.