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He wont stop stalking me

Dallas, TX |

Me and my ex-boyfriend has a son together, 2 yr old. We were living together and I moved out because he was trying to control me. I have a guy friend that I have been going to for counseling and advice. Well the ex thinks that we are together and the ex has hacked into my emails and has done whatever he can to screw me. He has now been driving by my friends house while I am there with my son and says he and others will be watching to see if our son is over my friends house with me and if so then I will have to deal with the consequences and he is going to put the wheels in motion. He is controlling and kind of scared what he might do. He said that he is going to serve me papers saying that my son cant be around this person, can he do that? What legal advice or what can I do? Please help

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Secure a restraining order so the next time he tries this he goes to jail. What is improper is having a new romantic relationship in view of your child which might lead to confusion for a young son. But the proper way for ex to do this is to secure a civil court order limiting how you do the visiting with the counselor (which by the way the court might not give him). Hire a family lawyer, work out IN COURT the child support payments and appropriate visiting arrangements. You are within your rights to request that ex be limited to supervised visits given his habit of stalking and threatening you, On a personal level, good for you for leaving him. Further relationship would have become very hard for you and your son,You might find my legal guide on selecting and hiring a lawyer helpful.
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