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He wants to apply for green Card, how can he prove that he has a good moral character after he has committed a misdemeanor?

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Arrested for shoplifting a 12-dollar value item. Was not found guilty. Can he prove to immigration that he now has a good moral character by doing hours of volunteer service, having good grades if he wants to apply for green card after Dream Act Passes?
Illegal because b1 visa expired

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HI there. I think you are talking about a possible future amnesty or DREAM Act. Generally, the US immigration law provides exceptions or waviers for petty offenses. Hopefully, this is a petty offense and that any new amnesty program will provide an exception or waiver for it. Best regards.


Good moral character is not a requirement for legal residency.

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but i read that it is one of the requirements to apply for it when Dream act passes


DREAMers turned into DACA, which is a current immigration benefit. Generally, a finding of not guilty should not disqualify him for DACA unless perhaps he confessed. You should consult privately with an immigration attorney to see what is possible.

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