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Having a speeding ticket reduced after failing to appear for the court date (what do I need to clear this up?)

Greenville, NC |

I live in Pitt county, but received a speeding ticket (76 in a 55) in Hertford county, and then failed to appear for my court date. My license is currently suspended in Hertford county. I have called the Hertford county Clerk of Court, and it seems as though we will have no problem getting the ticket reduced to only 9 mph over once we go into the DA's office and explain the situation. My question is this: Once the charges get reduced, and the applicable costs are paid ($248 for the ticket AND court costs?), will my license be reinstated? Will there be further steps that need to be taken in order to clear up this mess, or will payment of the fees put an end to any future issues? It is out of the way, and I'm trying to be sure I have everything in order so I won't need to be going back.

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First of all, your license is not just suspended in Hertford County - your NC driver's license is suspended indefinitely in EVERY COUNTY until you comply with this citation. One thing they didn't tell you is that you must pay a $200 failure to appear fee. This can sometimes be waived by an attorney. Once you comply with the citaiton by pleading the case down and paying your court costs, fine and $200 FTA fee, you must reinstate your driver's license with NC DMV. This fee ranges between $50 and $100, depending on whether you surrendered your license when they asked you do. Once you pay that reinstatement fee, your license will be active and it shouldn't cause you any more problems. Just don't miss court again.

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Your license is suspended indefinitely until the ticket is reopened and then disposed of. That is a statewide suspension. In addition to the fines and court costs, there is also a $200.00 Failure to Appear fee that is assessed by the Clerk of Court. An attorney may be able to help you obtain a better reduction than 9 over and may be able to get the extra $200.00 fee waived. After you resolve the ticket, you will be required to pay a reinstatement fee to DMV to have your license activated.


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