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Have you belonged to, contributed to, or worked for any professional, social or charitable organization?

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On visa forms the above question is asked under the section "Additional Work/Education/Training Information", what does it exactly means?
- Every charity I ever contributed to?
- Every professional society or labor union?
- Does a political organization count as a professional or social organization?

What if a person forgot to mention this in a previous visa application form due to not clearly understanding the extent of the question? Can they penalize you for this mistake? e.g. 'contribution' could mean financial but read in the context of 'belonged or worked' it can imply 'volunteering'. Its hard to remember every single charity one has contributed to in the past.

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Every charity you contributed to.

Every professional society or labor union.

A political organization does not count as a professional or social organization.

List every social or professional organization.

Good luck.



Thanks for your reply, please also see Additional Information


I agree. Full, even over-disclosure, even if you believe insignificant, is the safe bet.

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Yes a political organization definitely counts. There will likely be no issues unless one of the charities is found to have terrorist ties, or the like, but definitely disclose all.

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