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Have the business pay for my attorney fees and costs? Is the judge the only one that can award attorney fees and costs?

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I filed for a divorce, I paid for my attorney fees and costs with my savings account. My husband, the Respondent paid for his fees and costs with credit card and the business is paying the credit card bill. I don't know if we are going to settle or go to trial. Is the judge the only one that can award attorney fees and costs?

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Yes the judge is the only one who can do that aside from the agreement between the parties.

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Yes. That is correct. The Judge is the man or woman who can do that. If someone else - whether a business or individual wants to pay your fees for you - nothing wrong with that as long as they know that YOU are the client and they have no say in the direction, course and scope of the case.

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Yes, there is no other person to decide this if contested, unless the parties come to an agreement.