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Have I violated the terms of my probation for negligent driving AND what will occur at the end of my two year probation?

Seattle, WA |

DUI amended to negligent driving in SMC. 2 year probation contingent upon no driving without a license or insurance. A few months after pleading, I was pulled over and cited for speeding and no license on person. I went to court and the citation was dismissed. Several months later I was pulled over and cited for not signaling and no insurance. I went to court and the citation was dismissed. No contact from probation to indicate violation.

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Based on what you have indicated here it is unlikely you would be found in violation of your probation. In most Negligent Driving 1st Degree cases, the conditions of sentence are that you not commit any new or similar criminal law violations. None of the infractions you mentions (except possibly no license on person) are criminal offenses. In any event, these matters were all dismissed without adverse findings so it is unlikely you will even hear from the court about this.

If you do get a notice for a probation violation hearing you should contact a lawyer, but until then just continue to be careful and drive safely.


I agree with Mr. Yanasak, but would add that the Seattle Municipal Court and its probation office can be particularly strict about license and insurance violations.

It might be wise to take note of when jurisdiction ends in that case and make sure to always have a license and insurance on person while driving, and commit no offenses while subject to conditions imposed by that court. Good luck.


No license on person is not the same thing as driving without a valid license. Simple infractions like speeding and not signaling will not violate your probation. You may have been in violation of your probation if you were actually driving without insurance (as opposed to simply not having current proof on you at the time of stop), but since that was dismissed, there will likely be no action taken to revoke your probation.


Get an attorney from that area, that knows the prosecutor and the Judge and he/she will be able to tell you what the court will likely do. If you had insurance at the time and just didn't have verification of it then you will be fine it sounds like but if you didn't have insurance even if the ticket was dismissed there is a problem.


Nothing you have mentioned would appear to be a violation of your probation conditions which normally require at least probable cause found for a new criminal charge and/or conviction. All the charges you mentioned were civil infractions.

Please note that this is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. This post represents only the poster's opinion. You should speak to an attorney for further information. The poster is licensed only in the State of Washington. For more information about our law firm and services, please visit my website at I hope this post was helpful to you. Thank you.


Generally, a reduction to "No Valid License on Person" would not trigger the probationary term BUT be careful. The probationary court / prosecutor can always hold their own hearing if they wish and call the officer as a witness. They can then take action regardless of what the other court determined. It is rather rare but I have seen it. I have also seen judges still take action based upon the No license on person - but again, it is rare. You should double check your paperwork and the very words used for the conditions of the "slow-neg"