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Have I been wrongfully terminated or a victim of discrimination?

Cleveland, OH |

I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was hospitalized in May and was on leave of absence until July of 2013. I did share my medical situation with the HR administrator in my building and asked for confidentiality. Mid August, my employment was terminated. The company states that I violated safety and security guidelines and refused to obey the reasonable request of a supervisor. I did neither. I was asked to complete a task "as soon as possible," which I did. I asked for assistance and resources to complete the task. I did not receive the promised assistance and the resources were delivered to me a week after I requested them. There is more to the situation, but my main question is could this be discrimination?

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Were you out on FMLA or short term disability?


This could possibly be disability discrimination but many more details are needed. This is a complex area of law and you would be well-served to contact a local employment attorney for a consultation. You can find one at (Ohio Employment Lawyers' Association).

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