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Have bad juvenile record, and 1 charge on my adult record. Need info to make them disappear how money and loop holes to go by.

Austin, TX |

I take it there is not enough money nor loops to jump through that would allow me to clean my juvenile record. I have Class B Mob Action when I was 14 Class B Dis-Lawful Dis-Charge with in city limits. Disorderly Conduct for protecting a girl at a local park, only problem is I beat the guy up to bad, cops had to write me a ticket even though he was full y beating up a chick. I am turning 24 in april, When I was 17 I got Class A Battery for punching and causing bodily harm walking home from school is that juvenile still . If I want to purchase a firearm to protect with etc what could I do, how much would I be paying - so on and so on.. Ive changed much sense then , how troubled I was in my teens.. still though I don't feel safe and I feel if I don't get one soon my life may be in jeopardy

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I suggest you contact a local attorney regarding having your juvenile record sealed and your adult record expunged or non-disclosed. They can discuss with you if you are eligible and what they would charge.





Your story is not uncommon and exactly why the law allows for non-disclosure or "sealing" of juvenile records. Depending on the outcome of your adult charge, there are options for that as well. You definitely should speak with an attorney (and maybe the police too, if you truly feel that someone is a threat to your life!).

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