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Have a Statute of Limitations and indictment question.

Harlingen, TX |

I know an indictment will toll the Statute of Limitations for the crime indicted for.But does that indictment toll the sol for any unrelated crime also?

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An indictment doesn't toll a statute of limitations, per se. If an indictment has been brought with the limitation period, then the statute doesn't need to be tolled because charges were brought. Statutes of limitation deal with the time within which charges can be brought. That time period can be tolled (extended) under certain circumstances. While you'd have to look at the statute you're worried about, if it is unrelated, it probably doesn't toll the Statute of Limitations.

Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis


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I agree with the other attorney, I am not sure how indictment on one offense would effect unrelated offenses.

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One does not effect the other.

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