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Have a medical marijuana recommendation, but i got a ticket. whats going to happen?

North Hollywood, CA |

I got a possesion of marijuana ticket about a year ago (less then an oz). I was 17 at the time being, my court date is set to be in a week. I'm currently 18 years old with a valid Medical Marijuana recommendation. Is there anyway of the case being dropped?

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It's always possible that the case could be dismissed. If it's a ticket it will be an infraction. You should enroll in a drug class for marijuana usually four hours and show the certificate at your court date. I am unsure if this is a juvenile case or superior court case, You would be well served by contacting Andrew Bryant or Greg Hill who are both excellent attorneys in your local for a free consultation. Good luck. Hope this helps?


It's possible- but you need an attorney. Hopefully this is in juvenile court. Potential license suspension.Get an attorney.



You should be represented by counsel. This could have potential consequences of a 1 year suspension on your CDL. Most courts do not dismiss cases just because you have a medical marijuana card. The court will want to hear evidence at trial from the doctor who wrote the prescription for the card.


Everything is negotiable. The issue is going to be your age as well as whether or not you had a valid prescription then, not now. If you are concerned contact attorneys in your area. Many of us offer a free detailed consult including my firm.

Brian Michaels
Los Angeles Defense Attorney