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Have a court date for child support. What is this court date for?

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NCP is ordered to pay child support back in August 2012. So far he hasn't anything at all.He does odd jobs and gets paid cash or 'under the table' . We have a court date coming up soon and i want to know what is this court date for? Is it to lower his child support or enforce it? What can i do so i can get SOME money from him. I have financially and physically taken care of our son since he was born and i do need some help financially now.

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Frankly, our guess is as good as yours without seeing the paperwork. Is it a modification of his child support that he filed? Is it a show cause proceeding brought against him for failure to pay?
Have you contacted your local Division of Child Support Enforcement for help?
Good luck!

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You should have received a Petition with your notice of the hearing. Read that and see what is being sought. Talk to an attorney for advice on what you need to do.

Good luck.

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