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Has anyone heard of Omega 17 LLC?? My friend is willing to go this far.I believe it's a scam.Please read what they sent to her.

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Thank you for your inquiry. We are using government bonds to buy back the judgment. These are the same bonds used by the courts when they sell the judgment. We use the bid bond, performance bond,payment bond, the Miller Act bonds, release of lien on real property and release of property from escrow,to replace the bonds the court sold. Once the bonds have been replaced, there is no longer any need to hold the prisoner as surety on the alleged debt. You do not need to be a secured party or a U.S. citizen, but you do need a social security number and a birth certificate of a birth certificate . The fee is $4000.00 for first trial court and $1000 each per additional trial court involved.The courts sell the judgments to the Dept. of Justice

There is more but will not fit in window.

this is just other info in her letter they sent her over a 100 pages The court to order the release. This is a new process which we have been perfecting for some time. When we started, we knew the bonds were good, but in hindsight, we didn’t know everything we needed to know. Since then, good researchers have produced a good process. I cannot make any guarantees because we are dealing with government agents, and while we have a right to expect themto act honorably, they have a reputation for being corrupt. Even attorneys cannot give guarantees. However, they have released themin the past, and there is no reason to think they will not order a release once the debt is paid. When the release is ordered, the case goes away, as if it never happened. There will be no supervised release. However, this is a private transaction, and the courts will not admit anything about the release. I prefer not to work with murder cases or sexually violent crimes.

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This is a complete scam. A good website to take a look at to get a flavor for these types of scams is Quatloos. It's sort of the for legal/financial scams.

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Total scam. Report it to

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