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Has any state made parole violation a felony or misdeameaner or is it just a parole violation?

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Its really neither. A person on parole is considered under the legal custody of the Department of Corrections and shall be subject at any time to be taken back within the inclosure of the prison. A parolee is entitled to a parole hearing to determine if they violated any condition thereof. If they have violated a condition of parole they are returned within the inclosure of the prison.

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Vincent Ronald Ross

Vincent Ronald Ross


Often, but not always, the violation can also be charged as a new offense. For instance, if you are on parole, and commit a new crime, you will be violated.


Violating your parole is not a separate crime (felony or misdemeanor) UNLESS the parole violation itself derives from a criminal act. For example, failing to report to your parole officer on time may not be a crime in and of itself, but puts you on the hook for a violation sentence up to the max limit of your original incarceration.

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