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Has a immigration lawyer insight into my detailed immigration record?

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I have a bit of a difficult situation right now concerning divorce, green card, deportation....and so on. If I go and seek help from a professional immigration lawyer, does he/she have insight into my immigration file or not? If he/she does it is easier to help me out in detail right?

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An immigration lawyer can help you obtain the copy of your entire file in DHS (USCIS, CBP and ICE) record under FOIA regulations. It will take a few months to process. A lawyer can also (often successfully) appeal if any of those agencies fail to release any meaningful record (they often try to withhold some information). Those agencies usually respond to such appeals within weeks and end up releasing more information/records. A lawyer can also assist you to retrieve any FBI arrest records you might have.

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Absolutely the best practice of any immigration lawyer is to file to obtain their new client's case file from CIS / EOIR so that they are seeing substantially the same documents that the government sees in the case.


I agree with my colleagues.

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