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Harrassment from tenant beneath my apt

Rutland, VT |

I have always been friendly whenever I see the lady downstairs.She is self professed to be bi-polar among many other psychological and physical problems.Several time since I moved in upstairs over her 4 yrs. ago,she has fits of unexplained harassing behaviors.She repeatedly tapes unfriendly contemptible notes with accusations of how much I have in my apt. She is delusional and thinks I listen in to hear whats happening in her apt.through her walls.She puts a radio playing loud music outside her apt.,in the hallway ,where me and my company have to hear it day and night,24hours a day.I have had feces left on my stairs and packages stolen since I moved in. I'm 62,and never in all the homes I've owned or lived in ,have I had such unbelievable behavior from any neighbor or tenant.Her latest issue is, that two of her ceilings in her apt have cracks and she believes it's my belongings in my at causing it.I don't even own a sofa.I'm handicapped and made my living room int a bedroom and the other are used for storage of clothing .The house is 90 plus years old.The landlord doesn't have any solutions.I'm tired of her using her Section 8 housing card that she plays along with her threats to call the state about me,over everything . I'm a great tenant and my landlord will agree.I knoe I'm not guilty of anything herein accused of,but,I'm tired of walking on eggshells with this deranged individual,and she's starting to scare me.

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If this person scares you or disturbs your peace and quiet, call the police and file a complaint.

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I am sorry to hear about this difficult situation. Attorney Lundeen's advise to contact the police if you feel unsafe is smart.

You might also wish to write and send your landlord a letter detailing your complaint and concerns, and what this other tenant is doing. Your landlord has a responsibility under VT law to provide you with habitable premises in exchange for your paying rent. "Habitable" means safe, clean and fit for human habitation Another tenant creating unreasonably loud noise, harassing you, and leaving feces may well constitute a failure on the part of the landlord to provide you with habitable premises. If so, your landlord may have a responsibility to deal with and fix this problem.

Here are two other resources.

The Consumer Assistance Program of the VT Attorny General's Office provides assistance and advise to tenants. You can find useful information about your rights, and their phoine number, on their website:

As you are disabled, and perhaps low income, you may be able to get assistance from VT Legal Aid. Their website:

Good luck with this.