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Harassment stalking I've had enough

Chalfont, PA |

I had a job and left the county under an attorney advice for a job. I lost custody. I couldn't afford to move back with no job. Long story short, when the job was gone I moved back and have 50/50 custody. He files for support. I have a sick 3 year old with primary immune deficiency. She's constantly in docs and its making it very very difficult to work. I did find a job as a substitute teacher assistant. The courts just recently decided that my earning capacity in bucks county pa is not and that support needs to be on hold. He was supposed to wait until August to have things reevaluated. I did a calculation and have more time and more overnights. So technically I should be getting support. I don't want the support, but why can he keep filing and what do I need as the court order says 50/50 custody to show that I have more time? How do I find what's legally acceptable? We are broke and I have bad credit from foreclosing on house where I had the job so I don't even have credit to use. All my money goes to gas driving kids around and Joephine's doctors. After he filed for support on 3/20. He then filed custody contempt. His issue I took my daughter trick or treating. It doesn't say I can't it says I have custody from 6-7, which is a trick or treat hour. He claims I didn't tell him about a vacation, but I can prove to him all his emails, and lastly because I didn't give him notice of the district art show ON the school calendar. Our daughter was in it the notice came home on Thursday. I asked her if I needed to give him a copy she said jut put it in my backpack. Well, Friday she goes to his house and he's screaming that I should have called him since I need to give him 24 hours. One nothing about giving notice in 24 hours, I guess from 4 pm on Thursday isn't 24 hour notice, yet my order says nothing about that. And the event wasn't until Sunday evening. I had already filed in the process of this contempt for him refusing time, fusing calls, speaker phone, refusing counseling, refusing to put daughter in counseling, coming to my house during my time and taking pics and starting fights with me, and the list goes on. My question being, do I file an answer to his custody complaint? And how do I get them to stop. They are constantly taking pics of me with my family, starting fights infront of daughter that I just ignore them. .... Does legal aid help. I had the police talk to them once or twice, but that hasn't helped. I feel like I'm being stalked. I started to seek counseling.... I don't have the funds for atty. my husband makes 40k, I have worked 2 half days so 40 dollars, and receive 1266 in child support a month on a child I had out of domestic violence. That custody order is expired, but he doesn't bother with us now. I do fear my exhusband's wife who is the instigator for most of this getting in contact with the abusive ex and attempting to have him harm us. A friend recently said that she wrote about me on Facebook and screenshotted the page. It says that I tell people I am missed Reilly to log and hack into their stuff, because I live 16 houses away. It's the only development with rentals. She does have it public the statement. I have her Facebook blocked

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There is a legal aid office next to the Bucks County court house on N. Broad St. I think. It looks like a 100 question in one and you need to sit down with attorney and work on all your questions.



Ex's new wife screams at my kids at school functions during my time. She screams and posts false things on fb. Shes verbally attavked me faithfully once a month and reported to policewho told me I could file civil harassment