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Harassment in the workplace...

Broadview Heights, OH |

Today while discussion out workplace network, a co-worker was explaining how he accesses the network through a webmail login. He referred to accessing the network this way as using a back door method. My boss laughed out loud and stated, "well you know how I feel about the back door."
This isn't the first time she has made these types of comments in front of me (I'm her direct report). These comments are very uncomfortable for me.
Because of a prior complaint by me, our company has hired a "coach" to help her address her workplace tact.
Her behavior has not gotten any better.

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Attorney answers 2


So what is your question. Can you sue and get a huge payday for this? I seriously doubt these comments would constitute a hostile working environment. Also being gay (and I have no idea whether the poster is or not, but the comment seems to do with sexual orientation) is not a protected class in Ohio. It is perfectly legal at this time to take negative actions against someone for being gay in Ohio (wrong yes... legal.... also yes).

From a practical standpoint, you probably ought to just grow a thicker skin or look for a new company to work for. Complaining about such trivial comments are not going to win you any friends with management or anyone else. If the company has had to hire a "trainer" because of your complaints, you've already cost them money. In the real world we all have to deal with clods and insensitive people. Unless your boss's conduct is really affecting your ability to do your job, let it go. I'm sure you've heard or will hear worse in your life.


I would add, that the prior post is my opinion having seen a great many of these types of cases lose at my prior job. If you really feel strongly about exploring legal options contact a local employment discrimination attorney. Be prepared to pay for an hour or two of his or her time to explain your case and listen to his or her advice.