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Harassed and stalked by this woman that works for Code Enforcement, she goes to my residence every week for the past 6 months.

Orlando, FL |

I have already corrected any code violations in accordance to what she demanded . But she KEEPS coming back and making allegations of new violations . I have Chimeras all over my property and caught her going to the doorstep not even knocking the door and simply leaving a note . She Didi not knock because even though I have 4 different vehicles in my driveway , she knew I was not home , since she stalks me and knows which one I am driving . This one time she left her card and a Simple " call me " written on it . I have made Internal Affairs complaint about one of her buddies within the Police Department and I am not sure if she is obsessed with me or is just trying to retaliate . I just received a letter of " Notice of Hearing " át . City Hall . Do I need an attorney to go with me ?

Can I have this hearing dismissed? I have not been served by process server, but a regular, non Certified letter.

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Hire an attorney to get to the bottom of your troubles and to represent you at any hearing that is scheduled.