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Had surgery on broken is frozen,others won't close.prescribe med that i was allergic to,left on vac.then blamed me!

Tampa, FL |

It has been four years,and this is Fl.,,but this was a botched surgery & there were so many wrongs.Then he lied-and blamed me for not seeking 'aggressive therapy' although they told me that it would not help! Another Dr just informed me that he turned the bone too far, which is the real issue,so that therapy would not help.The finger he did surgery on is frozen.Three others will not close-halfway. I believed it was all my fault-but he was lying all along!! is there any chance of suing him? the pain has now gotten unbearable,traveling up my forearm.I am certainly open to more painful surgery.This has ruined my life. Thank you for any & all help.

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I agree that after four years your claim has been barred UNLESS you can show concealment, fraud or misrepresentation. And although you are saying that this is all provable you will need to take the records that show that there was fraud to a lawyer for review. It is incredibly difficult and expensive to prove this and often when you do the insurance coverage of the provider is voided and it is hard to collect from this provider. It is not good news for you and it will be difficult to find a lawyer who would take this on. Our firm could not do so.


I'm sorry you are going through this. If this happened in Florida, and it has, in fact, been more than 4 years since the botched surgery, I am sorry to tell you that in my opinion, Florida's Statute of Repose, Florida Statutes Sec. 95.11, will bar your claim.



Thank you for responding. That is completely unfair since he lied to prevent me from suing which caused me to suffer in the process..he prevented me from getting it fixed.Aside from the Atty General & AMA,where else should I report this 'Medical Group?? Thank you..



-Also,..someone said it's 4 yrs..unless there's 'fraud;...isn't lying to the patient fraud-??


Not sure why you waited so long........

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