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Had dental work done May 2012, a crown lengthening ,he had to section my lower bridge. Now my bridge has snapped is he liable

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the bridge had 6 Teeth all connected, he had to do a crown lengthening on end tooth.i was told i need a new bridge for 5k which i couldnt afford., my bill was already $3,500 for work in progress, so he sectioned bridge to do work. a little over 6mos later the bridge has snapped. him being a DDS for 25 yrs had to know the work was doomed to fail. why wasn`t i told then he can`t do the work if its not done properly, instead he absorbed all my ins . charged my credit card & my ins said since he`s out of Network they can`t help. from the day I left his office my bridge had play to it, he insisted NO. now i have to get a new partial denture that has 6 teeth that replace my lower front bridge. I am still paying my Credit Card for this work

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Not necessarily. Dental work can be very complicated.
Certainly get a second opinion and contact a lawyer to review your case.


Dental malpractice cases are hard and costly to pursue. You need an expert to say there was negligence and a bad reult is not automatically proof of negligence. Talk to a lawyer who handles dental malpractice cases.

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I agree with the others - these cases are very difficult to prove and very costly.


A local dental malpractice lawyer can be retained who can send your records to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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