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Had a DUI, Appeared in court but DA didn't filled charges been almost a year, what should i do? leave it like that....

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As I mention I went to court but the DA didn't filled charges been almost a year and I haven't received anything in the mail . I'm confused don't know what to do ? should I just leave alone or inquire about it ?

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If this happened in Orange County, I would go online and check to see if there is anything under your name date of birth and drivers license number. You may have a warrant for your arrest and not even know about it.

Click the link below which should lead you to the OC Courts

Elliot Zarabi

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I suggest you obtain a DUI lawyere and have it looked in to. Good luck.

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Talk with a DUI Attorney who works in the county where you were arrested. Most DUI lawyers will give you a free consultation and look into the status of your case. It is never a good idea to contact the DA's office yourself, and the attorney will most likely check with the court clerk first.


What you should do depends on what has happened already.

Did you request a DMV hearing when the arrest initially happened? If so, and you lost. Its probably best to contact the DA immedaitely, get a DS-702 form completed by them, and submit it to DMV before the year is up in order to get the suspension removed from your DMV record.

If you didnt request a DMV hearing, then just leave the DA alone until the year is up. Usually, when things like this happen it is because the case was rejected for some reason. Every now and then (very rarely), this happens simply because a case may get overlooked and it falls through the cracks. Once the year is up you can petition for seal/destruction of the record of arrest.

Best thing to do would be to speak with an attorney about the arrest itself, and what has happened since. Then you can get accurate info as to what would be the best way to go about the remainder of the process.

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You should contact the Court. The DA's Office in Orange County is very backed up. In fact, they are sometimes 3-4 months behind in filing cases. The DA has 1 year to bring charges on a misdemeanor. You could also hire an attorney to find out.

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